Varanasi, India

From the spellbound evening aarti on Dashaswamedh Ghat to the devotional music blaring in the background, Varanasi left me speechless and amazed.

The unbroken smell in the streets of Varanasi allows you to detach from your own thoughts and to merge with sensations that arrive. As you will walk towards the ghats, you will see the road outside ghats (Dashaswamedh) are sprinkled with shops and hawkers selling fragrant items. Walking past a florist will make you breathe in the marigold and rose smell; you will breathe in the sweet smell of cold milk served with almonds and saffron while crossing a thandai shop. When you will look back at these shops, the different items they sold, the distinct smell of each thing will leave you emanated, encouraging a meditative state.

Evening aarti
Ganga aarti is the most magnificent event I have ever seen in my entire life. Absorbing the electric touch of ghats while seeing young pundits, donning a dhoti and a kurta, dancing with gigantic multi-tiered brass lamps while praying to the river with thousands of people getting awestruck and gaping in awe; for a moment I got detached from my thoughts and emotions, all I could feel was that I am at the top of the world. The aarti starts at 7 pm and lasts for 45 breath-taking minutes, ending up on a crescendo, leaving everyone transfixed. A serene silence prevailed over the ghat as people return to their homes. It feels like as if the river had said goodbye to the night. No more activity, except for those who slept along with it tonight, forever.

You can see life in its entirety at the ghats of Varanasi. The liveliness of Dashashwamedh, the quiet humming of Nishad ghat, the royalty of Darbhanga ghat & the grief of Manikarnika Ghat. You can spend the whole day walking & rowing from ghat to ghat wondering how life and death are near to each other. My favorite ghat was Tulsi ghat where Tulsidas wrote an epic poem in the 16th century, Ramcharitmanas, considered as one of the greatest works of Hindi literature. I actually felt that bygone era and his presence in the atmosphere. There is still fire in my heart when I think about it but no words to describe it.

Ganga breathes life into the holy city and is perhaps the reason why many Hindus wish for their ashes to be gifted to Ganga, to partake a bit of life after death. People from different places come to Varanasi to undergo the thread and cremation ritual.
You can sit down at the steps of the Ghats and gaze into the Ganga for long, only to realize the joy of being alive.

Boat ride
Hop on a boat into the wide (I suggest early morning), the moment you splash in the cold Ganges, it feels like you are about to have an experience you can’t wait for.
The boatman’s in Varanasi are a great conversationalist, they tell you stories while rowing the boat, if you are lucky, they sometimes sing too.
While you are in the boat, you will cross different ghats and you will weave through a maze of funeral pyres hissing, steaming, and children playing with crackers in the pyres on a blue night sky. You will hear the clang of bells vibrating inside your chest and a wave of boiled water-like heat consuming everything in its reach, you realize how detached you are from your own body.

At some point, you will feel free from the opinions you had for years and you will gain/start seeing the world from a whole new perception.

Manikarnika Ghat
The ghats burn 24/7, burning hundreds of bodies a day in plain sight—rowing out there will make you realize how commonplace death is. You will feel how we all would one day be there, one way or the other. How limited our time is on this earth and how extremely small our problems in life are when you can feel life in every little thing around you.
It makes me happy that during my little time on earth, I found my love for writing and have been able to touch a few lives.

A constant smell of incense stick, continuous sound of the shank (counch) and echoes of prayers with colorful reflection on the river’s scalp left me with a fearful and hopeful thought.

I felt my existence in Varanasi and at the same time, I was lost. I didn’t know who was holding on to my soul or was that me who met myself for the first time. I went back to my hotel as the river reached and merged into the infinitude of the ocean.





Be brave – Share your true stories

We all are told, “live your life to the fullest”; We often believe alcohol and drugs are the gateways of expanded horizons and realising one’s clear passion, hence we get into a world of imagination which we call our own. We love being in the self-created comfort only to realise in the end that we are getting far from reality and close to self-destruction.

Some people find it impossible to return back to their friends, family, work, nature and reality while some fight within themselves and come out of a world of imagination to achieve great things in reality. I am here to tell you stories about those heroes who fought and are fighting a battle within themselves against drugs for a brighter future. #itellyou serves as a vessel to motivating stories across the globe of real passions.

A clue is enough to my loyal readers as to seek inspiration in this crazy world. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

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My perception – Bharat Kala Bhavan, Art and Archeological Museum,Varanasi, India.

Every painting and art I saw was deep and incomplete. Every art was trying hard to not make eye-contact, every art was waiting for the lights to go off.

Every art had an emotion behind. Like some will smile as soon as I will turn around, some will laugh, some were controlling really hard by making weird faces.

Like the lights will go off and they all will have an amazing dance or festival together. But they were incomplete, who was to make them complete, may be that’s why they take things from humans to make their festival complete.
Therefore not everyone has everything.
The vision of that amazing festival is LOVE. Just pure love.
No hatred, no fear, no dishonesty.
Those who see them become like them, without thinking the whole picture.
They believe that, they draw that, they paint that, they learn that.
God must be thinking dude, see my whole picture.
He can’t come down for the same so he makes you dream.
If nothing at-least respect your dream damn!

‘Break and let the world wonder’, said an innocent childhood.

The songs are fading. Days have turned into nights, body is not accepting any unnatural conversation, face, situation or matter.

I am done being a child, I’m done not understanding anything else, I’m done making people take advantage of me, I’m done not being honest with me.

How much I tried, I was not able to explain what I was searching for all my life, I was not able to tell anyone that I’m searching a DREAM.

Dreams are unreal as said but I saw one which had not made me sleep even for a day.

I did not like anything else except the feel I saw in that dream.

Achievement of a dream can only be beautiful if the path is beautiful is something i believe.

No other way and no other path was as beautiful as the one I lived on but the path did not end seeing my dream again, seeing you again.

I will forget that dream forever and live my life with a dream social urges have shown me.

I will write you in a book for the world to wonder what went wrong, maybe this dream becomes possible in someone else’s life.

I will break in a way that I will smile forever, I will break in a way you and the universe will not understand.

I will break in a way even good things will not understand, I will break in a way even God and spirits will not be able to figure out.

All this universe including what ever a child can imagine will not be able to fix and it will go on forever.





I remember your last Goodbye, it was just a beginning.

Goodbyes are the hardest, and so is the realization.
27 February, 2018 – Mumbai

I always heard people saying, that goodbyes are the hardest. I have always prepared myself for challenges because only when your mind is prepared, you become unstoppable from what so ever comes in your way.

Your eyes go blind, you stop hearing noises, you cannot listen and you cannot move.
Only smell of love and a picture of your ultimate vision flashes in front of you.

Only colours you want to see appear in front of you.

Place becomes dark and you only see your most beautiful dream, you see and feel your most beautiful vibe.
You are assured that there is some power with you, you are not scared because nothing can make you go wild and fragile, you understand the whole universe all together, you understand there is only one life, there is only existence, there is only one breathe which you are breathing throughout.

Living, dead, objects, shadows, moving things don’t scare you anymore. Because this is one life and it has everything.

Only when you accept everything all together, only when you accept your smile, only when you are sure what you want to do, you say Goodbye with an open heart and a thought that Goodbyes are for a reason.

Goodbyes are nothing but a ‘New Beginning’.

I will never forget this year, each moment of this year has been a gift for me, I feel so connected that I don’t know who should I thank to.

“I don’t understand that whether the universe has been a gift for me or I am a gift to the world.” This is the most proud statement I have ever said to myself in life, I am proud of myself because I did not give up.

And I am thankful to the universe which did not give up on me. I feel happy, I feel content.
Goodbye Mumbai, Bombay.