You are alive, enough for your dream to come true.

When realising your dream becomes your passion, you become unstoppable regardless of how bizarre or far-fetched your dream seems. If a dream has the calibre to impact and shake your mind, it is obvious that it holds the power to change your life completely from that moment onwards. Since childhood, we are taught that a person can only realise his/her dream if they have passion and focus. We are obsessively taught to ‘find our passion’, ‘ways to achieve it’ and ‘how to work towards it’. However, what we all forget to explore in this quest to achieve our dream or passion, is Vision. This is not the same vision wherein one imagines his/herself in the next 1, 5 or even 50 years from that point onward. No! This is a much more holistic concept where one has to see his/her actions and passion fit in the world. This is the vision where one needs to see how their dream helps complete the larger cosmic puzzle that is laid out to us in the form of the evolution of individual, civilisations and more unfathomably, the whole universe. There is this possible excitement to see your potential, using your dream, to change the world. The vantage point of a successful person, who is alive and healthy, will never allow them to see the bigger picture How will their realised dream change lives of others, how will it be absorbed by different kinds of people? How your struggle to achieve your passion will form an inspiration to people in multifold ways? All of us here alive, will always find ourselves limited by our mental faculties, to ever fathom the holistic Butterfly effect of a realised dream.

Let us for the sake of argument assume a state, wherein we can see the bigger picture, being ephemeral and present at the same time across different spaces, being able to see all at once. Being able to measure the depth all at once. A person having died, by philosophical argument, achieves that state of being. He/She is able to see and feel from beyond, the heartfelt pain of not being able to finish an unfinished quest. A quest, that could only be have been finished if you were alive. Only they know from their vantage point of beyond space and time, all the possibilities of their (unfinished) dream unfurling in various forms across the cosmos, affecting lives and situations across different classes of beings. A person so, will be pained to know how he became misguided, misled, distracted by worldly affairs, which from this vantage point, seem pointless and minor.  Trapped inside his body with limited faculties of senses, he could not see while alive, what his dream would have achieved across a long stretch of time. He sees it after death, and he realises the futility of having entangled himself in melodrama of the world, rather than diligently focussing on realising his dream. He forgot to see the symbols, patterns and designs, the guiding forces there were, the good omens and favourable probabilities that were subtly offered to him. He sees how his earthly limitations failed him, and how his ego carried him away.

He could have followed his honest instincts and his gut; they were a sign. He could have formed and perfected upon his perceptions. The hints were right there, and now he sees it, but cannot act upon it. A piece in the cosmic puzzle remains missing now. It was supposed to be your dream, your passion. You were to complete it while alive, instead you were too carried away with the worldly noise and your false ego. The space is left unoccupied and no one alive is able to understand your longing and your passion. They are confused now. You could not fulfil your desire to impact them with the joy of completing your passion.

But is it all longing and pain? Remember, from his vantage point, a dead man, again philosophically speaking, can sense similar passion in those alive. Remember, he has the power to see holistically from beyond space and time. He has the power to make you dream. And as you dream, he earnestly plants his impressions, his sincerity and longing in you to make it yours as well. Just like it was done to him when he was alive. This is a realisation, the kind that comes from seeing beyond space and time. To respect life, to thank our circumstances and to feel lucky each day in our quest. To respect our dreams and passions, and to never lose hope. And to know that all that is here, and that which is in the heavens, is a cosmic plan, carefully unfolding to save the universe from digging into listlessness and shame of never being able to realise a dream.

The dream I saw was a hope of accomplishment of an unfinished quest which I require to complete now, otherwise if not done by me will still continue to flow like a disgrace endlessly.



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Abha Sharma is a content developer/writer and a fictional story writer. She has a post-graduate degree in Human Resource and Marketing with more than 3 years of professional experience with C.K. Birla Group, TEDxJaipur and PRISM Brain Map. She is currently working with a travel company, Tanirikka Travels, Delhi as Virtual marketing head/content manager/travel designer. She is confident that her personal journey will also add value to her style of writing, so people will remember her work forever and become more comfortable in their selves and imagination. She aspires to be an author so that she can touch a few lives.

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